These are the following 3 Final Smashes in Worlds Collide


Character Final Smash #1 Type
Baxter Ultimate Fire Blast Directional
Baxter Ewers Aura Finale Directional
Bomberman Revenge Stage-Wide
Captain Falcon Blue Falcon Trapping
Donkey Kong Konga Blast Focused
Hulk Gamma Quake Focused
Ike Great Aether Trapping
Iron Man Tri-Beam Directional
Isaac Judgement Trapping
Lexi Pitts Triple Laser Directional
Link Triforce Slash Trapping
Luigi Negative Zone Focused
Mario Mario Finale Directional
Mega Man X Hyper Mega Man Transformation
Ness PK Starstorm Stage-Wide
Pac-Man Super Pac-Man Transformation
Peach Peach Blossom Focused
Rosalina Power Star Stage-Wide
Samus Zero Laser Directional
Sonic Super Sonic Transformation
SM64 Mario Star Power Transformation
Steve Unknown. Unknown.
Wario Wario-Man Transformation

Final Smash #2Edit

Character Final Smash #2 Type
Baxter Super Baxter X1 Transformation
Baxter Ewers Laser Tag Transformation
Bomberman Shadow Bomb Focused
Captain Falcon Unknown. Unknown.
Donkey Kong Arcade Stage-Wide
Hulk Hulk Smash Trapping
Ike Unknown. Unknown.
Iron Man Energy Blade Trapping
Isaac Unknown. Unknown.
Lexi Pitts Giga Wolf Focused
Link Chicken Rage Stage-Wide
Luigi Poltergust 5000 Trapping
Mario Super Mario Fireball Directional
Mega Man X Rush Adapter Transformation
Ness Super PK Fire Directional
Pac-Man Ghost Stage-Wide
Peach Peach Beam Focused
Rosalina Luma Blossom Focused
Samus Unknown. Unknown.
Sonic Dark Sonic Transformation
SM64 Mario Mario Kart 64 Directional
Steve Unknown. Unknown.
Wario Super Wario Waft Focused

Final Smash #3Edit

Character Final Smash #3 Type
Baxter Fire Combo Trapping
Baxter Ewers 5 Crystal Rune Trapping
Bomberman Big Bang Stage-Wide
Captain Falcon Unknown. Unknown.
Donkey Kong Coconut Gun Directional
Hulk Gamma Crush Stage-Wide
Ike Unknown. Unknown.
Iron Man Pulse Barage Directional
Isaac Unknown. Unknown.
Lexi Pitts Wolf Lexi Trapping
Link Wolf Link Transformation
Luigi Mr. L's Ship Head Transformation
Mario Fire Mario Transformation
Mega Man X Mega Man Legends Trapping
Ness Super PK Flash Directional
Pac-Man Ms. Pac-Man Stage-Wide
Peach Shadow Queen Transformation
Rosalina Unknown. Unknown.
Samus Unknown. Unknown.
Sonic Hyper Sonic Transformation
SM64 Mario Double Team Trapping
Steve Unknown. Unknown.
Wario Theif Wario Transformation

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