Kirito SSB16
Universe Sword Art Online
Availability Starter
Tier N/A (N/A)
 Kirito is a playable character in Super Smash Bros. OC 2016. Kirito is the 3rd Anime Character to be in the game only behind Goku and Super Sonico.


Kirito has a long disjointed range, great ground mobility, fast attacks, great air game, an amazing grab & throw game and finishers in all his smash attacks when sweetspotted, tipped back air, a tipped up air and Embracer for start up combos. Kirito has good approach options with his SHFFL aerials, good Dash-dance and Rage Spike. Rage Spike is a great tool for starting combos due to it being able to be canceled into other attacks. Due to the move having multi hits allows it to be used to unstale other moves. It's also useful for helping Kirito recover horizontally along with Sonic Leap to compensate for his poor air speed, Rage Spike also dosen't let him go helpless as he can use the move over again. Kirito has an excellent grab & throw game making all of his throws kill moves in sudden death. His forward throw can chain grab certain characters while also being able to be followed up with a forward smash. His up throw can be followed up by up tilt or up air which can allow juggling. His back throw sends opponents behind where he might be able to chain grab them or put them into unfavorable positions. His down throw can set up tech chases. Due to the combination of his fast disjointed aerials, decent falling speed and having a sweet spot at the tip of his aerials gives Kirito an amazing air game. Kirito is also an excellent edge guarder and his Guard might be difficult to break.

However, Kirito suffers from having below average weight which allows him to be KO'ed horizontally early or knocked off to far where he might not be able to recover. His main vertical recovery, Sonic Leap, relies on momentum, covers short horizontal distance and has problems sweet spotting the ledge which makes it easy to edge guard against. Kirito also does not have a projectile or an means to deal with them giving him problems approaching. Kirito also has problems with killing opponents due to the majority of his finishers needing to be close of forward smash and Embracer. Thus a Kirito player must have excellent spacing to land the tipper the majority of the time. Without excellent spacing Kirito will have to rely on his edge guarding. Also due to Kirito being tall, he is susceptible to hield stabbing due to his shield not being large enough to cover his body.


Attack Name Damage Description
Neutral AttackVertical3%, 3%, 5%Kirito slashes twice and does a Vertical slash.
Side TiltHorizontal6%Kirito does a horizontal slash forward.
Up Tilt3%Kirito slashes upwards over him while on the ground.
Down Tilt3%Kirito sweeps his sword at the opponent's feet
Dash AttackSlant8%Kirito slashes forward while dashing.
Side SmashHowling Octave22%Kirito thrusts his sword forward as a burst of fire energy come out and shoot forward at the opponent.
Up Smash22%Kirito slashes with his sword and uses the other one as well
Down SmashSnake Bite22%Kirito slashes infront of him then back, which whoever has a weapon gets stunned. Other than that it's a strong down smash attack.
Neutral ArielMeteor Break15%Kirito does a quick downwards strike to the right then twists his wrist with his sword upwards.
Forward Ariel12%Kirito does a horizontal slash forward up to down.
Back Ariel11%Kirito thrusts his sword behind him, it has a long disjoint hitbox, similar to Shulk's Back Air.
Up ArielVertical Arc11%Kirito slashes his Sword in a verticle arc upwards over himself.
Down ArielSharp Nail16%Kirito slashes down underneath himself, it also makes a meteor spike as well.
Forward ThrowSavage Fulcrum15%Kirito slashes his sword into the opponent and thrusts it forward making a burst of ice come through them as they freeze.
Back Throw10%Kirito throws the opponent back behind him and thrusts his sword through their spine.
Up Throw11%Kirito throws his opponent into the air.
Down Throw10%Kirito throws his opponent on the ground and thrusts his sword through the spine.
Neutral SpecialDouble Circular2% per hitA dash-type skill that swiftly attacks with the right and left sword consecutively.
Side SpecialRage Spike10%, 3%Kirito charges forward with his sword out infront of him, if he makes contact to someone, he'll perform a upper slash.
Up SpecialSonic Leap10%Kirito leaps into the air horizontally and slashes downwards, Working similar to Ike's, Kirito can't go helpless at this state and can only use his ariel moves but he has to perform the move if he lands
Down SpecialEmbracer11%Work's similar to Ryu's Focus Attack move, Kirito charges up his fingers and thrusts it through the opponent
Final SmashStarburst StreamOVER 9000%Kirito will dash forward to the nearest opponent and if he makes contact he will begin to slash critically the opponent and use Double Circular multiple times with both of his sword and then finishing it off with a Stab through the opponent, sending them flying rapidally, it is also a OHKO.


  • Up: Kirito puts his swords up and crosses arms.
  • Side: Swings his swords around until he loses his breath.
  • Down: Kirito accidently drops his swords and gets embarresed and picks them back up shrugging it off

On-Screen ApperanceEdit

  • Kirito jumps from the sky and gets out both of his swords looking at the opponent.

Idle PosesEdit

  • Clincs his swords together looking at them
  • Flicks up his hair

Victory PosesEdit

  • Kirito defeats a Monster and turns around after the explosion happened.
  • Kirito puts away his one sword and swings his other one around while saying, "Personally, I see myself as the hero who just saved the princess. Crying and running into my arms would be a good start."
  • Kirito twirls his sword infront of him saying "You lagging?".

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