Lloyd Drako
Lloyd Drako SSB16
Universe The Hunters
Availability Starter
Tier N/A (N/A)

Lloyd Drako is a playable character in Super Smash Bros. OC 2016. Lloyd is the 3rd Fan-Character into the game retaining every move he has from Super Smash Flash OC. Due to Lloyd being a Top tier character in alot of Smash games, Lloyd was heavily nerfed for further balancing.


Lloyd is an air-focused character. Lloyd has fast, low-lag aerials with good reach in them. His strongest aspect is his air game and is where his combo ability shines the most. He has reliable KO moves in his forward smash, back aerial, Ribbon Sky Beam and Soundwave Blast/Dimensional reverse. He has a controllable projectile in Ribbon Sky Beam where he has the ability to cancel it after it gets to a certain distance. Lloyd has a spectacular edgeguarding game and opponents may have trouble breaking through the guard. He has a chain grab in his down throw that works on the majority of the cast; he possesses the longest grab in the game. Lloyd has decent ground mobility, having the seventh fastest walking speed and the tenth fastest dashing speed.

However, due to Lloyd's weight and falling speed, it makes it easy for him to get KO'd vertically and horizontally. Ribbon Sky Beam, Soundwave Blast and Dimensional reverse may be one of his best KO moves, but it can also be reflected back. he also lacks reliable way to deal with projectiles which gives him trouble breaking through opposing campers. Sora has a few reliable KO moves which make him need to keep the few KO moves he has fresh which may prove problematic with opponents who perform good D.I. and momentum canceling. Lloyd also must becareful using Magelight, it may be a good recovery move but he can be edgeguarded by other opponents doing so. He has a poor grab game considering his throws, outside of his down throw, providing little follow up ability or kill potential.

Despite this, Lloyd was nerfed pretty much heavily but has received a few buffs as well making him balanced and not all the way broken like other smash games.


Attack Name Damage Description
Neutral AttackKeyblade Chain Attack4%, 5% (finisher)Lloyd Swipes his keychain to the right, then to the left and does a series of swipes ending it with a slash
Side TiltKeyblade Toss3%Lloyd tosses his Keyblade forward at the opponent as it comes back to him. It has long ending lag too.
Up Tilt3%Lloyd does a upward kick.
Down Tilt2%Lloyd trips his opponent
Dash Attack9%Lloyd leaps forward briefly before pivotting to the left as he does a low-angle horizontal slash to the left.
Side Smash20%Lloyd leans forward then pivots to the left, gripping his keyblade with both hands before spinning around into a two-handed downward diagonal slash.
Up Smash15%Lloyd swipes upwards 6 times.
Down Smash10%Lloyd slams his Keyblade down on the ground.
Neutral Ariel9%Lloyd performs a punch in the air, acts like a sex kick
Forward ArielKeyblade Strike5%Lloyd thrusts his Keyblade out forward fast
Back Ariel1%-6%Lloyd does a spin attack backwards.
Up Ariel11%Lloyd performs a flipkick in the air, however he lost the ability to go up slightly. Because of this, Lloyd needed to be balanced to lose the ability.
Down Ariel10%Lloyd performs a front flip kick that sends him down fast, if he makes contact to an opponent in the air. It will be a meteor spike.
Forward Throw5%Lloyd tosses his opponent forward and kicks them in the face
Back Throw4%Lloyd tosses the opponent backwards.
Up Throw5%Lloyd punts them into the air.
Down Throw5%Lloyd throws the opponent onto the ground and slashes at you with his Keyblade while they are in mid-fall
Neutral SpecialRibbion Sky Beam5%-16%Lloyd charges up his Keyblade, it can also be used for later use. At full blast it does alot of damage.
Side SpecialSoundwave Blast/Dimensional Reversal13% (Soundwave Blast), 15% (Dimensional Reversal)Lloyd shoots out a Soundwave infront of him that traps opponents into it, Dimensional Reversal allows him to use side b, but before the move turn the control stick the other way and Lloyd will perform an Alternate Side B
Up SpecialMagelight9%-7%Lloyd lowers himself as he twirls his sword to reverse grip then leaps skyward while thrusting his arm upwards with his Keyblade, then juts his arm upwards to the left as he turns counter-clockwise.
Down SpecialLightning Spin13%Lloyd spins with his Keyblade trapping opponents and finishing it off with a swipe
Final SmashAngelic Armor18%Lloyd Summons the Spirit Stone and uses it to transform into Angelic Armor, all of his moves get buffed up however it only lasts the same time Wario Man could


  • Up: Waves his Silver Heart Keyblade around.
  • Side: He says "Light take you!" and points his Keyblade forward at the opponent.
  • Down: Throws his keyblade up and catches it and does a pose.

On-Screen ApperanceEdit

  • Lloyd jumps from the sky and gets out his Keyblade also known as "Silver Heart"

Idle PosesEdit

  • Rubs the edge of his Keyblade
  • Raises up his Silver Heart Keyblade and back

Victory PosesEdit

  • Lloyd swipes his Keyblade once over his shoulder, then swipes it down and behind him while facing left, saying "My Element is no match against your's"
  • Lloyd flourishes his keyblade and poses with it by his side, saying "No one is a match for me!"
  • Lloyd throws his Keyblade upwards and does a pose as the Keyblade lands next to him, saying "Don't test me!"

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Alternate CostumesEdit

Lloyd Drako Palette (SSBOC2016)