Princess Peach
Universe Mario
Availability Starter
Weight Class Medium
Final Smash Peach Blossom, Peach Beam, Shadow Queen
Tier C (31)
Princess Peach is a main protagonist and the love interest to Mario, but always gets kidnapped by Bowser, and a playable character in Worlds Collide.


Peach is a methodical fighter with several intimidating tricks in her moveset. Her vegetables can either serve as a barrage of heavy damage, an edgeguarding tool, or a cover for her approach. Her down smash is a formidable and terrifying grinder with long reach and duration, high damage and knockback, and low lag. Players who attempt to crouch cancel it can expect upwards of 80% in damage if it is charged, and its launch power grants it the ability to KO players at early percents. Peach also has her powerful float ability, which allows for the use of her set of fast, powerful aerials while approaching or falling back. It also opens up the ability to float cancel and to go for very deep edgeguards that most characters are incapable of. Peach has great combo starters in her jab, dash attack, and her throws.

However, Peach suffers in her mobility. Despite float granting her free reign of horizontal direction while airborn, her dash speed is extremely slow and she has one of the shortest wavedashes in the game. She also suffers from a lack of reliable kill moves with the exceptions of her down smash and forward air. This forces her to go for gimps often, but they are a field she excels in with the combination of her float and turnips. Peach is also extremely light, meaning she dies off the top easily.

Changes from Brawl to Worlds CollideEdit

  • Dash attack can now be cancelled, allowing Peach to DACUS and Gatling Combo.
  • Neutral attack links better.
  • Retains up tilt from Brawl, which possesses more range and power than her previous, situational up tilt from Melee.
  • Peach Bomber has Brawl range and trajectory, being overall better at KOing horizontally and having more utility.
  • Peach benefited perhaps more than any other character from the addition of aerial glide tossing. It allows her to utilize new approach options using vegetables and increases her mobility. In addition, if she has a vegetable in hand when sent off stage, using aerial glide tossing allows her to cover more than double her previous vertical recovery distance by using up to three aerial glide tosses.
  • Sweetspots of down tilt and up smash now use a Fan SFX.
  • Forward smash always follows the pattern of "tennis racket, golf club, frying pan", with the first of a match being random.
  • Peach Bomber reverted to using an explosive effect, though if a taunt input is held, it will use Brawl's heart animation. When used by Shadow Queen Peach, it instead has a darkness effect.
  • Up throw now uses a heart animation.


These are Peach's Moveset as of Right Now

Name Damage Control Description
Neutral Attack A Button, A Button, A Button
Forward Tilt A Button Side Tilt/Side Tilt 2
Up Tilt A Button, Up Tilt
Down Tilt A Button, Down Tilt
Dash Attack A Button
Side Smash A Button, Smash
Up Smash A Button, Up Smash
Down Smash A Button, Down Smash
Neutral Ariel A Button 
Forward Ariel A Button, Side Tilt
Back Ariel A Button, Side Tilt 2
Up Ariel A Button, Up Tilt
Down Ariel A Button, Down Tilt
Grab Z Button
Pummel Z Button
Forward Throw Smash
Back Throw Back Smash
Up Throw Up Smash
Down Throw Down Smash
Floor Attack (Front) A Button
Floor Attack (Back) A Button
Floor Attack (Trip) A Button
Edge Attack (fast) A Button
Edge Attack (Slow) A Button
Neutral special B Button
Side special B Button, Smash
Up special B Button, Up Smash
Down special B Button, Down Smash
Final Smash #1 Peach Blossom 20%-40% B Button Peach sings, putting all opponents to sleep and covering the stage in peaches.
Final Smash #2 Peach Beam 50% B Button Peach summons Twink, her small star companion, who creates a pink energy beam. The other 7 Star Spirits then create a larger beam, giving the attack more range. This attack does drag the opponents upwards, and decent damage. Peach can move freely during this move and attack the trapped opponents, racking up even more damage.
Final Smash #3 Shadow Queen - B Button Peach transforms into Shadow Queen from Paper Mario.

In Competitive PlayEdit

Palette SwapsEdit