SM64 Mario
SM64 Mario Worlds Collide
Universe Mario
Availability Unlockable
Weight Class Medium-Light
Final Smash Star Power, Mario Kart 64, Double Team (with Supermarioglitchy4)
Tier B (22)
SM64 Mario is a Mario-Clone from Super Mario 64 that represents the Mario Universe.


SM64 Mario is considered to be a lower-character than the original Mario, his main attacks consists him using Bob-Ombs, Koopas, Karts & etc. he's even got Supermarioglitchy4 on his side as a Final Smash, however if Mario's palettes are switched so as SMG4. Mario has fast speed & can wall cling, however Mario suffers lag after a landing with his Up Special & can get easily knocked off. One of Mario's taunts considers him eating Spagehtti to recover his health bar.


These are SM64 Mario's Moveset as of right now.

Name Damage Control Description
Neutral Attack A Button, A Button, A Button
Forward Tilt A Button Side Tilt/Side Tilt 2
Up Tilt A Button, Up Tilt
Down Tilt A Button, Down Tilt
Dash Attack A Button
Side Smash A Button, Smash
Up Smash A Button, Up Smash
Down Smash A Button, Down Smash
Neutral Ariel A Button 
Forward Ariel A Button, Side Tilt
Back Ariel A Button, Side Tilt 2
Up Ariel A Button, Up Tilt
Down Ariel A Button, Down Tilt
Grab Z Button
Pummel Z Button
Forward Throw Smash
Back Throw Back Smash
Up Throw Up Smash
Down Throw Down Smash
Floor Attack (Front) A Button
Floor Attack (Back) A Button
Floor Attack (Trip) A Button
Edge Attack (fast) A Button
Edge Attack (Slow) A Button
Neutral special Coin Throw 4% B Button Mario gets out a Golden Coin & throws it, if hit it'll make a high pitched coin noise from Super Mario 64
Side special Mario Kart 10% B Button, Smash Much like the Wario Bike, Mario gets out his Kart & drives around.
Up special Wing Cap - B Button, Up Smash Wings appear on Mario's hat as he flies up, very excellent recovery move
Down special Bob-Omb 15% B Button, Down Smash Mario gets out a Bob-Omb, much like how Link gets a bomb & can be thrown at the Opponent, if Mario dosen't throw it, it'll blow up on him & cause damage to himself.
Final Smash #1 Star Power 30% per hit by Mario B Button Mario gets out a Power star & uses it to transform into Star Mario.
Final Smash #2 Mario Kart 64 50% per hit by car B Button Mario gets in his Kart & Drives forward at the Opponent, then Luigi drives, Peach drives, Toad Drives, Donkey kong Drives, Wario Drives, Bowser Drives, and then it leaves off with Mario hanging onto Kazookie & falls down throwing a Bob-Omb onto the Stage
Final Smash #3 Double Team 150% B Button Supermarioglitchy4 appears beside Mario to capture the opponents, if it connects, SMG4 & Mario attack together on the opponents with both of them punching & kicking & leaving a final blow when a Fat Shy Guy (from the SMG4 series) comes down & splats down on the opponents, creating massive knockback.

In Competitive PlayEdit

Palette SwapsEdit

SM64 Mario Palette Swap

SM64 Mario's Palette Swaps

  • Red: Resembles his Original clothing with the bright red & blue clothing
  • Green: Resembles Luigi
  • Blue: Resembles for Supermarioglitchy4
  • Black
  • Yellow: Resembles Wario
  • Orange
  • Light Red: Resembles himself from Super Mario World.