Super Smash Bros. The New Age is an Fan-Game that consists of having a lot of characters. The game is loosely based on the Super Smash Bros. series, specifically Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS; featuring many characters from the aforementioned series and game, However, the game does not aim to clone any Smash Game, as the content inclusion criteria has been loosened greatly to include content from any series that has ever appeared on a Nintendo console, allowing the roster access to other 3rd, 4th, and 5th party characters.


The Characters are the fighters that fight in Super Smash Bros. The New Age, represnting each universe in which they belong to. Each Character on the bottom are often released by date. Thus starting off with Mario. There are two type of characters, Starters are the characters that are playable from the start, Unlockable Characters are the characters who are not accessable until a certain mission is complete. There are type of characters as listed

To make things easiler SSBAge Fighter Chart.

  • 1st Party Characters: The Characters from a company owned by them. In this game, Nintendo is the main one
  • 2nd Party Characters: The Characters that are owned by another company and are owned by the First Party Company
  • 3rd Party Characters: The Characters owned by another company. Video Game related only
  • 4th Party Characters: The Characters owned by another company. Cartoon, Comic Book, Anime, and Movie related only
  • 5th Party Characters: Non-Characters, but real people in the game.
Mario Artwork SSBAge
Luigi Artwork SSBAge
Link Artwork SSBAge
Samus Artwork SSBAge
Kirby Artwork SSBAge
Pikachu Artwork SSBAge
Mega Man Artwork SSBAge
Mega Man
Sweet Tooth Artwork SSBAge
Sweet Tooth
Baxter Artwork SSBAge
Fantacy Artwork SSBAge
Batman Artwork SSBAge
Spider-Man Artwork SSBAge
Iron Man Artwork SSBAge
Iron Man
Homer Simpson Artwork SSBAge
Homer Simpson
Freddy Krueger Arwork SSBAge
Freddy Krueger
Baxter Ewers Artwork SSBAge
Baxter Ewers

Release by DateEdit

Mario Mugshot SSBAge Baxter Mugshot SSBAge Fantacy Mugshot SSBAge Batman Mugshot SSBAge Mega Man Mugshot SSBAge Link Mugshot SSBAge Sweet Tooth Mugshot SSBAge Spider-Man Mugshot SSBAge Luigi Mugshot SSBAge Kirby Mugshot SSBAge Pikachu Mugshot SSBAge Baxter Ewers Mugshot SSBAge Iron Man Mugshot SSBAge
Freddy Krueger Mugshot SSBAge Samus Mugshot SSBAge Homer Simpson Mugshot SSBAge
  • Bold indicates that character is unlockable.

Alternate CostumesEdit

See Alternate Costumes





  • VS Mode
  • 8-Player Smash (Wii U exclusive): In this mode, up to eight players can play in Smash battles.
  • Special Smash (Wii U exclusive): In this mode players can change the options to create custom battles (such as changing the body option to metal will make all the fighters metal) up to 4 players can play in this mode. This mode does not effect records and stats.
  • Smash Run (3DS exclusive): In this mode, up to 4 players have 5 minutes to traverse a huge dungeon-like environment, collecting various power-ups and facing enemies from various games. After the time limit, the players fight in a battle utilizing their boosted powers, and can then do subsequent matches with those power-ups.
    • Players are also able to have items set to their characters via character customization.
  • Smash Tour (Wii U exclusive): Players take control of Miis moving along a game board, collecting characters and power-ups in order to win the final match, with each fighter collected acting as one stock. 

Single PlayerEdit

  • Classic Mode
  • All-Star Mode
  • Home-Run Contest
  • Trophy Rush
  • Target Blast
  • Multi-Man Mode
  • Training Mode
  • Event Mode (Wii U exclusive)
  • Special Orders (Wii U exclusive)
  • Trophy Box (Wii U exclusive)