Sweet Tooth
Sweet Tooth Artwork SSBAge
Universe Twisted Metal
Availability Starter
Tier N/A (N/A)
Sweet Tooth is a playable character in Super Smash Bros. The New Age. He is one of the four Third Party Characters in the game, alongside Fireball Studios's Baxter and Fantacy and Capcom's Mega Man.



Neutral attack  10%Sweet Tooth takes a vertical and horizontal swing with his machete.
Forward tilt  14%Sweet Tooth fires his shotgun at a low angle.
Up tilt  11%Sweet Tooth hits with a gloved uppercut.
Down tilt  15%Sweet Tooth brutally stomps the ground, stunning opponents in front of him.
Dash attack  16%Sweet Tooth rushes forward with a brutal shoulder tackle.
Forward smash  20%Sweet Tooth holds out a sawed-off shotgun and unleashes a blast at close range.
Up smash  20%Sweet Tooth claps both hands to his head, unleashing an explosion of fire.
Down smash  20%Sweet Tooth spins in a circle with his chainsaw, cutting from both sides.
Neutral aerial Chainsaw Slaughter10%Sweet Tooth Spins in a circle motion with his chainsaw out.
Forward aerial  16%Sweet Tooth throws his machete in an overhead arc.
Back aerial  11%Sweet Tooth turns back and cuts below him with his machete, spiking any opponents below him.
Up aerial Death by Fire14%Sweet Tooth lights up his head on fire even higher
Down aerial  14%Sweet Tooth crashes down with a crushing double stomp attack.
Grab  Sweet Tooth grabs with one arm
Pummel  4%Sweet Tooth Punches the opponent.
Forward throw  10%Sweet Tooth delivers a brutal snap jab to his opponent's head.
Back throw  15%Sweet Tooth throws his opponent backwards.
Up throw  6% (per hit)Sweet Tooth holds his opponent over his head and roasts them with a burst of flame.
Down throw  15%Sweet Tooth hoists his opponent over his shoulders and throws them down on their head behind him.
Floor attack (front)  3%Punches each side.
Floor attack (back)  5%Punches each side.
Floor attack (trip)  5%Kicks each side.
Edge attack  5%Sweet Tooth punches forward.
Neutral special Default Hellfire Breath9% per hit.Sweet Tooth breathes a stream of fire. Holding B increases the length of the attack, and tilting the analog stick will aim it upward or downward. Can also do it in Mid-Air.
Custom 1 Hellfire Ball5%Sweet Tooth Shoots out Fire from his mouth.
Custom 2 Hell Shot1.8%Its Stronger and has longer range.
Side special Default Fiery Motolow10%Sweet Tooth throws out a molotov cocktail. Holding Side B increases the distance it is thrown. The fire left behind will also cause additional damage if touched.
Custom 1 Electrical Motolow5%Throws the Molotov forward leaving electrical shockwaves.
Custom 2 Freezing Motolow10%Freezes opponents if it's shot to them.
Up special Default Death by Missile22%The move consists of Sweet Tooth pulling out of a nuclear missle launcher. When it fires, Sweet Tooth has complete control of where it lands. Opponents who are within the blast radius of the missile or who are touched by the missile are damaged, it will also explodes on Sweet Tooth to get higher
Custom 1 Launched10%This move can be only shot to himself to get him back in the air.
Custom 2 Missile Crisis17%Sweet Tooth can shoot two missiles at a time in a row one is controllable, while the other helps you recover.
Down special Default Roadkill Mine Drop10%Sweet Tooth lays down a landmine that explodes on contact. It can drop 1 at the time.
Custom 1 Mini Roadkill Drop3%Sweet Tooth lays down a small landmine that will explode on the opponent with less damage.
Custom 2 Wind Roadkill1% (per hit)Sweet Tooth puts down the Mine Drop as it explodes into a Tornado sucking in opponents for small hits.
Final Smash Mecha ToothVariesSweet Tooth will shout out "TASTE THE TOOTH!!!!" as he summons parts from his ice cream truck and transforms into Sweet-Bot. The Final Smash will last for 12 seconds.

On Screen ApperanceEdit

Sweet Tooth hops out of his Ice-Cream Truck and gets into battle.


  • Up taunt: Sweet Tooth giggles and dances around while saying "Oh Yeah!".
  • Side taunt: Sweet Tooth slides his hand over his neck while saying, "Get ready for pain."
  • Down taunt: Does a "Peek-a-Boo" face and menacingly and says "Hello, boys and girls!"

Idle PoseEdit

  • Cracks his neck
  • swings his Machete around

Victory PosesEdit

  • Rubs his hands together, giggling sinisterly to himself.
  • Begins pointing and laughing mockingly.
  • Sweet Tooth places his hand over his mouth and steps back, possibly to hold back laughter.

In competitive playEdit



Alternate CostumesEdit

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